Coastal Frames Buying Guide

Updated: May 25, 2021

There may seem like there’s a lot to think about when it comes to buying the right frame for your home. Choosing the right frame can be straightforward, as long as you do your research. We've done some thinking for you, just ask yourself these simple questions and you’ll be onto a great start.

Which frame should I choose?

Your choice should be guided by the space you're putting it in. This should also reflect your taste and home décor style. You will need to determine what you’re looking to frame?

Coastal Frames advise this three-step process for framing artwork, prints or posters:

Do you know the size of your image?

Make sure you get the measurements right to ensure the perfect fit.

Do you need a mount?

If you do, you will need to think about a bigger frame to fit this in.

What is your frame style?

Think about the interior in your room would you like it to tone in with a particular style or colour?

Framing Advice

Photographs tend to sit better behind a mount to ensure breathing space. We’ve designed a collection of multi-aperture layouts that are perfect for creating a gallery of beautiful moments but within one frame. Wouldn’t this be a great space saver?

Shop Multi Frames

Custom frames mean you can have any style and size, we're always here to help you with how to measure your artwork, which style frames to go for, and where to hang it all. This is the hard part and takes a while to get the right information so we can give an accurate quote that will not break the bank.

Getting a quote is really easy, simply submit a custom frame request and we will work with you to ensure you, you have a perfect frame for all your favourite prints and photos.

Shop Custom Frames

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