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Behind The Brand

About Coastal Frames

Real Frames Made By Real People.

At Coastal Frames, we pride ourselves on enabling our customers to create and choose frames that suit using our online made to order service. We are always sourcing the next trendy thing in home interiors, with access to hundreds of various frame qualities and colours. We can give our customers the option to find stylish frames that work and will complement their homes.

We’ve put in the hard work, so you don’t have to, with our standard frame collections. Whilst we appreciate that not all framing options are available on the high street, we work with our customers to create truly unique frames with our custom frame service.

We are experienced in creating frame/mount options for standard photo’s, the instant photo market, custom print/artwork sizes, book covers, postcards, and mounts for card displays and many more.

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Handcrafted in the UK

All our frames are made to order and we love nothing more than making them that little bit more special.

When we say designed for you we really do make them just for you.

Frames can be cut to any length so odd shapes and sizes are not a problem. Mounts can be cut to suit any size artwork, postcards, playing cards even trading cards!.

Quotes can be generated pretty quick and turnaround time is also as quick as possible,

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