Our frames are perfect for keeping all those memories all in one place.


Create a beautiful tribute to family, friends or favourite places with our 6X4" multi aperture photo frames.


These frames hold apertures for 6x4” photos, mounts are cut to 5.75” x 3.75” so you have enough spare for sticking the photos to the mount.


Available in a choice of Black, White, Grey, Walnut or Oak finish.


Portrait and landscape size options are as follows

1x3 (3 Photos) - 18x56cm

1x4 (4 Photos) - 18x72cm

1x5 (5 Photos) - 18x89cm

3x1 (3 Photos) - 23x56cm

4x1 (4 Photos) - 23x54cm

5x1 (5 Photos) - 23x65cm


6x4 Multi Aperture Photo Frames - 3 - 4 - 5 Photos

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